Three senators from the Democratic Party have submitted a resolution calling on Donald Trump to impose new sanctions against Russia,

Sanction against russia start : The authors of the document were Senators Ben Cardin (Maryland), Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Robert Menendez (New Jersey). In their opinion, the bill, which was approved by the Congress last year and subsequently signed by Trump, presupposes the mandatory introduction of restrictions.

“The lack of seriousness demonstrated by the administration in the face of a clear threat to national security and the even more explicit intention of the congress is worrying, this can not continue,” the resolution says.

Sanction bill – Sanction against russia start 

Last summer, Trump signed the Congressional Bill “On Countering America’s Opponents through Sanctions.”

In late January, the US Ministry of Finance introduced a “Kremlin list” prepared in accordance with the law. The report included almost all the Russian leadership and large entrepreneurs – more than two hundred people. The list does not entail the automatic introduction of sanctions, the decision to expand the restrictions will be taken separately.

In the Kremlin, the publication of the report was called an “unfriendly step”, devoid of meaning.

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