what is my ip location map : PC and smartphone reveal where you are. This can use an Internet site for location-related information. For an approximate position determination, the IP address is sufficient. This can usually determine the country and the city. If you use a smartphone to access the internet and have GPS positioning enabled, the location can be determined to within a few meters. Now lets discuss this topic what is my ip location map.

what is my ip location map

Tell me where you are, and you’ll get the information that’s relevant to you. “According to this motto, more and more websites offer location-related information and services: meeting acquaintances in the vicinity, the program of the cinema around the corner, the current traffic situation, the nearest attractions, advertisements and private advertisements from the region are just a few examples.

what is my ip location map

what is my ip location map : However, this only works if the services can locate the user. For computers, tablet PCs and Internet phones basically no problem: Because these devices betrayed by their IP address on the Internet or in addition with their built-in GPS module more or less exactly where you are. In this way, your smartphone can not only show you the way with the help of a navigation software, but also inform you via software or mostly via Internet retrieved information about shops and other important places in your immediate environment.

Simple but not precise: the IP address

what is my ip location map : Whether computer or smartphone: every device that goes to the Internet, receives a unique combination of numbers from access providers as an address. As a rule, however, only the city or metropolitan area can be recognized by them correctly. A more accurate location determination at street level, however, is not possible. Anyone who accesses the Internet through the network of a multisite company may be assigned to a wrong city. This includes the networks of the major national Internet access providers.

The IP address alone can determine approximately where you are. Go to the page Geolocation . You will find the result in the first section under “Localization via the IP address”. The IP address is determined by means of a database in which numerous IP addresses and the associated locations are stored.

Accurate to a few meters: GPS location

If one wants to determine the location more reliably and more accurately, the GPS localization proven with navigation devices comes to the course. Therefore, localization functions are particularly widespread in connection with mobile phone apps, since most smartphones today have a GPS receiver as standard. With its help, the device can usually report to a few meters exactly where the owner is currently.
The GPS location is usually supported by a position and an acceleration sensor. This is called Assisted GPS. So smartphones can easily but most accurately tell their current location, even if just no GPS signal can be received because the mobile phone owner is not in the field of view of the positioning satellites.

what is my ip location map : Most current browsers have built-in functions that allow a web page to determine the location via the available sensors (geolocation API). If a website wants to query this information, you must first agree. To find your location using this method, go to the Geolocation page . Click on “Start location” and confirm the security request of your browser. For a PC without a GPS module, the result usually corresponds approximately to the query via the IP address. With a smartphone, however, the position can be determined relatively accurately.

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what is my ip location map and details
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what is my ip location map and details
what is my ip location map : PC and smartphone reveal where you are. Tell me where you are, and you'll get the information that's relevant to you.
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